Proofreading services in UK

Although the need of proofreading services is getting smaller and smaller with the advance of software technology, there are still companies that offer authors and publishers to do this work. The idea of proofreading is to correct any mistakes made by typing machines or human spelling, and also any other grammar mistakes. This is the last correction that the art work will get before being published. That’s why it is very crucial that this service is done correctly.

Different companies provide different professional proofreading services. Some of them do the traditional tests, in which a reader reads thoroughly the whole text and correct any mistakes. They use special proofreading software which helps them do their job more accurately. They do not correct the mistakes themselves, but only mark the text where necessary.

A cheaper alternative of the traditional proofreading service is the so called scanning. In this case the text is not read thoroughly, but quite quickly and vaguely, but clearly enough to detect any errors. This method is gaining more and more popularity with the advance of software technologies and their broader functions. On the other hand the price of these proofreading services is much smaller rather than the traditional ways. The disadvantage of this method is that the level of security is not very high.

Another type of proofreading services is the multiple check. In this method one of the readers read the text out loud and without stopping to correct any mistakes. The second reader follows the text and marks the errors. In this way at the same time are checked both the grammar and the spelling mistakes for a much shorter period.

The double check is another method for proofreading service. In this way the text is read first by one reader who corrects all the mistakes. After he is finished with that he passes the text to a second reader, who checks the whole text again. In this method both readers need to put their signatures under the given text and after that they take responsibility equally.

Many people think that it is not necessary for a person to have a special proofreading education before that. Many critics say that it is actually more important for the readers to have knowledge on the matter that they are reading, because thus they will be able to check the text more accurately, covering not only the common words, but also the specific ones too.

Essays as a part of university graduation

Many universities in Europe do not follow the traditional ways of valuating students’ knowledge like requiring them to do tests, answer questions, etc., but prefer to check their knowledge on certain matter by making them write an essay.

Although at first it may seem as an easier job, in fact it requires much a broader view on the problem.
One of the advantages of essay writing is that it shows not only the students’ knowledge on the given matter, but also their ability to analyze and draw conclusions, or in other words, to think.

Everyone can learn mere facts, statistics, history, etc., but not everyone can but their knowledge into practice, making the gathered information actually valuable. Thus writing an essay which is good and get a high level requires much more than simply reading your student books.

Another advantage of the essay writing is that it gives the students the opportunity to wing it. In other words even if you do not know all the details or cannot understand it all, if you have good writing skills then you can still make your way through it. If you have a good common sense on the matter then you can still leave the reader with the impression that you know the problem in detail.

Furthermore, if you have learned how to write good essays then it will be much easier for you to graduate since you can always put these skills into practice, regardless of the subject that you have to take.

Essay writing has its down sides, too. Definitely the biggest of them all is the fact that the evaluation is quite subjective and entirely depends on the reader. For one evaluator it may be an excellent essay, for another it may not have any academic value whatsoever. The problem with all that is that the student cannot pretend for a higher score, since he cannot prove that his vision is the right one. Another disadvantage of writing essay is that you need to know some basics about writing, which in other situation would not be required (for example if you have to take a test and answer closed questions). Not everyone is good at writing and that would put these students in a hard situation, even though they may be smart and know a lot on the subject.

Nevertheless, essay writing has started to become more and more popular not only in Europe, but in the USA as well. It is considered to be a much more accurate way to evaluate the students’ knowledge, taking in mind each of their personalities and views.

Essay help services

Nowadays there are more and more services for essay help, which aim is to support the students to meet the high expectations of essay writing. Some of them offer the students help in the form of advice and guidelines before they write the essay; others allow you to send in your essay after you have written it and they check it and give you score; third offer to write your essay themselves.

Of course, the last option costs the most, but even though there are a lot of students that prefer to pay to get the job done rather than writing it themselves. The high demand of essay help make this profession more and more popular.

The cost of this service varies according to several details. First of all, of major importance is the level of education for which the work is required. If you are in school then the essay help won’t be that expensive, but if you are doing a bachelor’s or master’s degree then the cost will be much higher. Furthermore, of crucial importance is the deadline of the essay. If you write to the essay help services only a week before the deadline, then you will have to prepare a good bit of money to have the work done.

But if you write in advance to the company, then you won’t have to pay as much. Another detail that changes the price is the required length of the essay. The more words are required, the more the help will cost. Of course, the subject or the theme also matters a lot. If it is a very broad and rather unexplored subject then it will be very difficult for the writer to prepare the work; it is it a common subject thought, then the service will be much to carry out.

Some of the companies give you guarantees of the quality of the work, although not all of them make such promises. A common procedure is that you receive a price list with the money required for each score. In other words if your work receives an “A” score, then you will have to pay more for the essay help. If the work receives a “C” for example, then the cost will be much smaller.